About Us

InFonte was founded in 2005 by a diverse group of Business and Software professionals. Each founder brought over 25 years of experience in their specialties including software development, professional services, project management, financial management and corporate IT operations.


InFonte is a software company providing affordable world-class products. Our integrated web solutions support Customer Service, Sales, Reverse Logistics, Shipping, Product Repair, and Warehousing Operations.  The Real-time Online Information (ROI) Portal transforms data into quality information.  The InFonte Professional Services organization supports our application suite.  Along with technical expertise our consultants bring years of industry experience.


Our clients have the right information at the right time in the right format. InFonte has a unique blend of customer focus, solutions, pricing and attention to detail.  We work very hard to help our clients develop and maintain significant competitive advantages.  InFonte is Total Commitment to Customers.

At InFonte, we believe in quick, agile development and implementation.  This enables you to realize your ROI quickly while reducing your total cost of ownership. Unlike larger software vendors and consulting organizations, our solutions are built on open standards, ASP.NET and SQL Server.  Open Architecture allow us to easily integrate disparate data sources and applications.  Our development and implementation processes ensure you are involved key stages with limited interruptions. 


We take the time to understand what questions you need answered, and then apply the technology to meet your needs; not the other way around. That’s why we consistently meet  budgets, beat delivery deadlines and exceed our customers expectations.